Gary G. Yen

M.S. (Thesis)

  • Zhenan HE (Fall 2010); Performance Metrics Ensemble for Multiobjective Evolutionary Algorithms
  • Ashwin KADKOL (Summer 2010); Cultural Based Particle Swarm Optimization Framework for Constrained Dynamic Multiple Objective Optimization
  • Justin ELDERS (Spring 2009); Ant Colony Optimization for Multiobjective Optimization
  • Kumlachew WOLDEMARIAM (Summer 2008); Multimodal and Constrained Optimization in a Artificial Immune System
  • Isaac WALTERS (Spring 2008); SudoKube: Using Genetic Algorithms to Simultaneously Solve Multiple Combinatorial Problems
  • Yonas WOLDESENBET (Summer 2007); Uncertainty and Constraint Handling in Evolutionary Algorithm
  • Biruk TESSEMA (Fall 2006); A Self-Adaptive, Two-Penalty Function Based Algorithm for Constrained Optimization
  • Brian IVERS (Fall 2006); Job Shop Optimization through Multiple Independent Particle Swarms
  • Sangameswar VENKATRAMAN (Summer 2004); A Genetic Algorithm Design for Constrained Optimization
  • Daghan ACAY (Summer 2004); Adaptive User Interfaces in Complex Supervisory Tasks
  • Benyam TESFAYE (Spring 2003); Automatic Scientific Literature Classification Using Multiple Information Sources for Data Mining Purposes
  • Netherie NITHIANANDAN (Fall 2001); Facial Feature Extraction Using Genetic Algorithm
  • Travis HICKEY (Fall 2001); Reinforcement Learning Algorithms for Robotic Navigation in Dynamic Environments
  • Qiang FU (Fall 2000); Automated Frog Call Monitoring: A Machine Learning Approach
  • Wei FENG (Spring 2000); Winner Take All Expert Networks for Sensor Validation
  • Fengming YANG (Spring 2000); Development and Research on Intelligent Mobile Robot System
  • Phayung MEESAD (Fall 1998); Pattern Classification by an Incremental Learning Fuzzy Neural Network
  • Kuo-Chung LIN (Fall 1998); Wavelet Packet Feature Extraction for Vibration Monitoring